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Advanced skincare to normalize reactive skins

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Esse Skincare USA

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meet probiotic

Sensitive Skin Trial Pack


Sensitive Skin Trial Pack

* Limit of 1 free Starter Pack per order.

A selection of 3 miniature products, ideal for travel, as a gift or to try the range. 

Set contains:

Sensitive Cleanser 0.34 fl oz
Hydro Moisturiser 0.17 fl oz

Nourish Moisturiser 0.17 fl oz

A new approach to sensitive skins

In the Esse Sensitive range, we use new probiotic ingredients to restore barrier function so that the skin is no longer sensitised.

The products include our breakthrough BIOME+ technology.

We minimise the chances of an allergic response by using the gentlest organic ingredients.

Your skin is an ecosystem. Healthy skin needs probiotic microbes.


Why probiotic?

Beneficial microbes use all available nutrients and occupy all the space to exclude opportunistic and pathogenic microbes.

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Probiotic microbes on and in your skin produce moisturizing factors like hyaluronic acid.

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Probiotics communicate with your cells to increase production of Anti-Microbial Peptides which selectively kill pathogenic microbes.

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