Probiotics Protect


Probiotic microbes can help to safeguard your skin against pathogenic microbes. When prolific and healthy, your skin microbes construct a biofilm in the outer layer of your skin that utilises all available nutrient and space, outcompeting opportunists that seek to disrupt the natural balance.

This concept is known as competitive exclusion and only benefits the host (you) when conditions on your skin allow your partner microbes to thrive.

To achieve ideal conditions use pH balanced products, remove toxins and anti-microbials from your routine and include plenty of prebiotic (food for good microbes) nourishment. By incorporating a live probiotic you can shift an imbalanced skin microbiome toward a new, stable state.

The benefits of getting the probiotic balance perfect are numerous and include improved barrier function and reduced sensitivity – over all, you’ll age a little less every day.

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