Our Ethics


Esse has subscribed to the Ecocert organic standards since its inception. Ecocert enforce minimum organic percentages and ban ingredients that they deem to be unsafe or unsustainable. They also audit our production facility and ensure full traceability of all raw materials.

Ecocert regulates the packaging that we use. They make sure that the materials that we use are safe for the consumer and don’t leach into the product over time. They also oversee the recyclability of the packaging materials.


We do not test our products on animals and will not source ingredients from suppliers who do. There are many alternatives to the use of animals in research. Our products are tested on human volunteers. These results have shown that Esse products are less irritating to skin than distilled water.

Esse has also joined PeTA’s cruelty-free company program and we’re accredited as a cruelty-free company on PeTA.org. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals. They are an international nonprofit charitable organisation based in Norfolk, Virginia, with affiliates worldwide. PeTA is the world’s largest animal rights organisation.


Esse is accredited by The Vegan Society. This means that no animal products are used in our range.

With the emergence of marketing catch lines such as “humane farming” and “caring for animals” appearing more and more on animal produce, the killing of animals for human benefit is being sugar-coated. We don’t believe in using ANY animal products in our skincare line … not even beeswax.