Resurrect Serum – new life for sensitive skin

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Resurrect Serum

Resurrect Serum – new life for sensitive skin

Esse Skincare has recently added a serum to the Sensitive range that addresses the signs of ageing in sensitive skins.

It’s important to remember that sensitivity often correlates directly to a disruption in barrier function due to a microbial imbalance. This disruption results in an immune response that puts your skin on high alert and prone to flare ups, even when exposed to seemingly harmless ingredients.

As an Esse user, you will know that our primary goal is to remediate any microbiome imbalances and reverse sensitivity. An overactive immune response results in inflammation which is a primary contributor to skin ageing.  Reducing inflammation is a major step in the right direction.

Anti-ageing products tend to carry active ingredients at levels that tip sensitive skins toward an inflammatory state and leave sufferers in a position of managing a concern rather than actively addressing ageing. Esse focuses on getting to the root of sensitivity so that clients with sensitive skin can take steps toward an active anti-ageing skincare routine.

Enter the Resurrect Serum

Formulated by biochemist and founder of Esse Skincare, Trevor Steyn, the Resurrect Serum delivers actives that both calm and fight the signs of ageing. There is a trio of hero ingredients in this formulation, apart from the signature Esse probiotic technology:

Myrothamnus flabellifolia or the Resurrection plant for which the serum is named, offers exceptional hydration and anti-oxidant properties to the final product. The plant is able to exist for years in the Namib Desert without a drop of water. It dries out completely and appears to be dead, only to spring to life in 3 hours after the rains arrive. The compounds that protect it and allow for rehydration during the harshest of droughts is what Esse extracts and includes in the new Resurrect Serum. This extract is further supported in its hydration and anti-inflammatory action with the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid.

Bakuchiol (link to bakuchiol blog post) is a non-toxic replacement for retinol and shows similar or better results without the downsides of skin irritation and phototoxicity, making it the perfect sensitive skin ingredient for overall skin improvement. As an aside, bakuchiol is an effective acne treatment, showing, on average, 70% reduction in 12 weeks.

Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), in combination with Bakuchiol offers outstanding skin firming and wrinkle reduction outcomes.  On its own, it has the ability to relax facial muscles over time to reduce wrinkle depth. It also boosts skin firmness and improves the texture of rough skin.

For best results, the Resurrect Serum is a long-term solution to sensitive skin ageing concerns with all trials having been carried out over a 12-week period. The generous 30ml pack size ensures that clients see results from their purchase.

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