Green Chemistry meets Wild Science

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“Green chemistry, also called sustainable chemistry, is an area of chemistry focused on the design of products and processes that minimize or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.  Green chemistry focuses on reducing consumption of non-renewable resources and technological approaches for preventing pollution – wikipedia Esse uses green chemistry to rewild skin and restore your skin’s microbiome to its wild and healthy state. Esse likes the idea of working with nature but we understand that in-order to deliver the best products possible we have to do a whole lot more than mix together a few plant ingredients and pop them in a jar. There is some merit in this form of purity, but our curiosity extends a little further than that. We love that nature offers a bounty, but we like to get to identify just what it is in each plant or extract that is golden, isolate and standardise it and deliver it to you in its purest most effective form every time. This type of curiosity pushes our science toward creating technology that allows us to look closer and closer into the world around us and one of those is the world of our skin’s microbiome. What we can see is that the best skin is in tune with the natural world around us, we share microbes, and we recognise and accept the elements of nature that we have been exposed to for generations way more happily than we do to synthetic creations. By exploring the microbiome of healthy skin, we can pinpoint where things go wrong in problem skin. With this knowledge, we have been able to identify key microbe species and populations that have the ability to boost skin health and repair barrier function. Because we understand that humans are a part of a much bigger planet and that our very existence depends on it, we turn to nature for a lot of answers. It makes sense to assume that our environments have shaped our development and that thousands of years of evolution should not be ignored if great skin and health is your goal. Through the science of green chemistry, Esse has developed products to both seed the skin with ideal microbe partners and feed beneficial microbes for better skin health. Added to this, Esse incorporates exceptional botanical actives to further enhance the anti-ageing aspects that we all expect our skincare to deliver.

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